Day 9: Saturday 15 May – A New National Centre in Accra

After a restful Friday, we were easily able to get up at 5am, pack into Francis’ taxi and head off for Accra. On the way we stopped to pick up some fruit and vegetables from the roadside stalls and admired the lush green vegetation extending in all directions.

In what seemed like the blink of an eye we had arrived in Accra. For about two hours after that we fought our way through stand-still traffic and road works to arrive at the collective house in West Adenta. While we had been away Patient and Kabyron had come from Benin, and Mabel and Antonia from Nigeria. As soon as the compound doors were open, loud cries of joy permeated the air as everyone was re-united with old sisters, brothers and friends.

There was just time enough to off-load the car and freshen up before we had to leave for the local meeting in Accra. If anything Accra was even hotter than Kumasi and as the sun-scorched the tarmac we battled through the heat of the afternoon (without the benefit of a shower as there was no running water in the house!). We jumped out of a taxi at Independence square where we were met by Christa amidst more cries of joy and jubilation.

The new Sahaja Yoga centre was quite close to the sea, a little out-of-the-way down a side street in the shadow of the Ghana National Football stadium. Once a beautiful mid-19th century house, the building was in disrepair and was in the process of being renovated by the yogis. The centre was on the first floor and from the balcony you could see all around. Another chorus of joy met us as we finally embraced the rest of the Accra collective, with some new faces among the old. It had been strange to have spent nearly a week in the country and not to have met up with all our brothers and sisters in Accra. We had fully intended to spent the previous Saturday and Sunday together, but our Libyan odyssey had made it impossible as we hadn’t landed in Ghana until late on Sunday evening. But here we all were, re-united again!

The centre has great potential and wonderful vibrations even in its current state. It reminded me very much of the early days of Ealing Ashram or Chelsham Road – building the New Jerusalem out of the ashes of the old. Tim lead a collective meditation then we talked together about the tour so far, about how to develop the collective in Ghana and about the forthcoming seminar – the first national Sahaja Yoga seminar in Ghana, with new yogis coming from Accra, Sankor, Takoradi, Tarkwa, Tamale and Kumasi.

As the meeting ended, many of us headed back to the collective house in West Adenta for a meal and a Shri Ganesha havan. We were pretty tired with heat exhaustion so it took a while to sort everything out and make all the preparations for havan. Luckily we had passed a wood seller as we walked to the main road to find a taxi. There were plenty of bricks behind the house, we had plenty of fruits and everything else such as samagri we had brought with us from London.

Just as the havan was ready, Gill arrived from Newcastle and so with the final whoop of joy of the day, our tour group was complete. Interestingly enough, to date every person on both Ghana tours who actually came from England has some deep connection with Newcastle. Both Gill and Tim were born there, Gill still lives there (well, in Hexham) and Manitu’s English blood line goes back to his Geordie Grand-mother! Why-aye the lads!! We began to wonder why. Was Newcastle the left Swadhishthana of England? At that point there was such an enormous rush of vibrations, we were in little doubt. Was the Tyne the Saraswati river of England? Again the vibrations indicated yes.

The havan began with some Ganesha bhajans and as we sang the 108 names of Shri Ganesha the vibrations were incredibly strong. We prayed that all obstacles to a successful seminar be removed; that all the obstacles to the new yogis coming to the seminar be removed; and that all negativity threatening the growth of Sahaja Yoga in Ghana be destroyed. The atmosphere was very joyful and even the leaping flames of the fire seemed to be soothing and cooling. All heaviness was lifted and as the seminar approached, we all felt that Sahaja Yoga in Ghana was entering a whole new phase.

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