Day 8: Friday 14 May – Too Hot to Bother

Friday was pretty hot and sticky, so after yet another day of dashing around the highways and low-ways of Ghana, we were keen on a restful day. The long morning was taken up with blogging and shopping and catching up with a few mundanities. After another slap up lunch at Vic Baboo’s (which is run by Mahesh’s wife who also came to the programmes last year), there was only one remaining possibility in the searing afternoon heat: a nice refreshing sleep.

Time dissolved once more and re-awoke us with a start, as the alarm sounded at 5.30pm. Quickly we re-arranged the room which suddenly transformed into a meeting hall. Soon 13 people had arrived including an English PhD student called James who was studying the conservation of the Ghana wildlife. Of the other 12, about half had kept up their meditation and about four signalled their desire to come to the seminar in Accra. After a deep meditation and an introduction to the bija mantras we then talked to them about establishing a regular meeting in Kumasi. The venue problem was immediately solved by Mahesh offering us the same room in the Guestline Lodge on a regular basis. So we settled on a regular Saturday afternoon programme and came to an arrangement for 8 weeks. For the time being at least, Kumasi has a regular meeting.

Later that evening the blog went live and the vibrations suddenly sky-rocked as the collective attention swung away from the UK general election and focussed its enlightened gaze upon Ghana. Thank you to all! You cannot begin to know how much you can help.

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