Day 6: Wednesday 12 May – Sea and Seekers

That night we stayed at the Asempa hotel in downtown Takoradi next to a busy roundabout that never seemed to sleep. By contrast we were exhausted and slept like logs.  After a later breakfast than we had intended, we managed to haggle a deal with the lady who ran the hotel and hired their restaurant area for our evening programme. Wonderful – the major issue of the day had been resolved; and after finalising the preparations for Kumasi, we were free for the first time to relax.

As mentioned earlier, Takoradi is on the coast, so in an instant unanimous cry we all decided to go for a footsoak and a swim in the ocean. After the heat of the day, I cannot tell you how blissful it was to jump into those rolling waves! It was so clearing and cooling, and a welcome release after all the endless travelling and organising.

By 6pm people started arriving for the programme and as the music played 13 people took their seats in the hotel restaurant room. We talked a lot about the importance of meditation and of clearing, ending the session with a guided workshop, so that they would learn how to work on themselves and others. After a strong meditation where huge forces seemed to move around the chakras and work things out (especially in the void and left Swadhishthana), we returned again to the subject of weekly follow-ups as we were anxious that there should be some continuity.

Happily within a very short time the new local ‘yogis’ had agreed amongst themselves to meet every Friday evening and Sarah was confident that she knew a suitable place where they could meet. Also Enoch and three others said that they would definitely come to the seminar, where they could learn more about meditation and how to run a meeting. As the evening closed we were satisfied that things had significantly moved on and that the once faint prospect of establishing a regular meeting in Takoradi with a small collective was becoming an achievable reality.

By the time we got back to our room in the other part of the hotel, we had missed any chance of dinner as all the restaurants were closed. Nipping into the petrol station over the road, we celebrated in the only way we could: with bread and jam and ice cream!

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