Day 5: Tuesday 11 May – City of Seekers

Getting up the next morning was a little easier than the day before, in spite of arriving back very late at night at the collective house in West Adenta and being serenaded by a croaking chorus of mate-seeking frogs! As usual the slow pace of the climate was at odds with the racing passage of time.

Takoradi was our next stop, a city to the west of Ghana nestling on a golden sandy coast. Last time lots of deep seekers had come to the programmes and we were hopeful that even after seven months of respite, some would still be meditating. As the car sped along the coast road driven by Francis our hired  driver for the next few days, we systematically ploughed through our lists of contacts and telephoned everyone whom we had met last year. Our main contact in Takoradi was Enoch with whom we had managed to maintain a strong relationship. He was busy trying to find a venue for the evening’s meeting and at that point was having little luck.

By 6pm we had only just arrived at Enoch’s house, where everyone had agreed to meet, but we had at last found a place to have the programme. Enoch’s sister lived in a community just outside Takoradi which luckily had a medium size meeting room. So bit by bit we ferried people by taxi and Albert’s car to the venue in the countryside.

By about 8pm (this is Africa after all!) everyone was gathered together and about 15 people were sitting meditating before Shri Mataji’s picture. We were both happy and amazed. All of these people had carried on meditating by themselves for seven months after attending only one or two programmes! Not only that, they were anxious to carry on with it collectively and help to try to establish a regular meeting in Takoradi – the only question was how.

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