Day 3: Sunday 9 May – Journey’s End

The idea had been to celebrate Sahasrara puja in the hotel, in fact the principal reason for us venturing to the shopping centre the day before was to buy a coconut for the puja. Again things turned out differently. No sooner had we returned to our room after breakfast, when Mr. Ezeway arrived at the hotel eager to take us back to his nearby home. Faced with the opportunity of developing a relationship with someone from Libya who had already received realisation, we had to abandon our puja plans.

The day before, as text after text returned with no knowledge of any Libyan yogis, I had the strong feeling inside that all we needed to start Sahaja Yoga here was one person who could help us set up programmes and meetings. Moments later we learned about Mr. Ezeway. As it turned out, Selim mostly lived in Dubai, spent some of the summer in Vienna and only visited Libya on occasion to visit his daughter who had married a local man. Nevertheless he was the link we needed to connect with Libya.

Selim was a wonderful host, fiercely intelligent and a great raconteur, in a very Arabic man-of-the-world way. He is semi-retired businessman from an older (perhaps more opinionated) generation and reminisced fondly of his days in Brighton and London in the 1960’s. He also recounted seemingly endless stories of western wrong-doing and the nefarious activities of multi-national corporations. After spending time at his country house, which he runs as a farm with gazelles and fruit trees, which blossom like an oasis surrounded by a dry and arid land – a land it seems that is constantly fighting off the ever present threat of the Sahara desert.

We journeyed to a picturesque restaurant by the sea and here we were able to talk about more spiritual subjects and about Sahaja Yoga and behind a blue-ish veil of chain-smoking, he began to relax and open up to us about his seeking. We answered his questions candidly and were very open and honest about what we were doing and the benefits of Sahaja yoga not just for individuals, but for whole communities and countries. He was especially impressed by the community programmes we were running in Ghanaian villages such as Sankor. Also that we were genuine and not ambitious agents of some yogic corporation! Slowly we began to earn some degree of trust from a man who has a keen eye for a world that can too often be filled with self-seeking cheats. After some time he was very keen to help us and expressed his hope that we would be able to hold such a programme in Libya.

By the time we arrived back at the hotel, there was only just enough time to pack our bags and leave. In the rush we forgot our ice packs and left them in the freezer! How soon we would regret that over-sight. We were back in the clutches of Air Afriqiyah. After many more long boring hours of travel we eventually arrived in Ghana!

It was such a joy to be back in Ghana. A massive vibrational difference to Libya. The atmosphere was light and pleasing, and it felt very satisfying in the heart to be there. The heart wasn’t the only warmth. The air was hot and sticky even at 9.30pm in the dark of the evening – much hotter than last time we were here. We managed to pick up our bags without difficulties (apart from the fact that Afriqiyah managed to damage the harmonium twice on both legs of the journey in spite of a massive red fragile sticker stuck on it. Luckily it still plays although the wood is broken).

The vibrations were blasting as we left the baggage hall and were met by Koby and Michael.  It was very joyous to see them again and we gave each other huge hugs of welcome or ‘Akwaaba’ as they say in Ghana. Also we were met by a new Sahaja yogini called Nana who has been coming to the programmes in Accra for only three months.

With great speed, we were transported through the night to a collective house that we had hired for the purpose in West Adenta. This was going to be the venue for the first Ghana National seminar which begins on Sunday 16th. After a quick sorting out session, we said goodbye to our brothers and with a home-coming feeling in the heart, settled down for the night.

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  1. Dear ones
    It is so good to have this site to keep in touch with the mighty work going on down there, much as it may have been an uphill struggle so far. I really felt for you all and wonderful the work you’ve already done before you even reached Ghana! Reading your account I felt that burst of joy and relief when you finally arrive.
    We will be with you all in heart and attention.
    Lots of love Sarah

  2. Love your stories, taking me there with you each step on the way … we used to live in Africa for a while and had desired so strongly for SY to blossom there where is much needed… With much love and many thanks for bringing old pure desires to Reality, yours, Ioana

  3. You so wonderfully capture the subtle changes in vibrations and awareness. Like other people follow the broadcast of their favourite sports team, we follow your footsteps in the land of the ganas with love and compassion.
    Having met Mr Ezeway on occasions, he is a real gentleman with an amazing ability to distinguish between fake and genuine people. (Viva la Hamsa!) The chance to connect with him and establish a concord for a follow-up was worth the strenuous detour.
    With love, Gunter

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