Day 1: Friday 7 May – A Libyan Odyssey

Welcome dear reader! It is a certainty of life that the straight path of our expectations and the twisting path of our footsteps are only ever going to meet at rare moments of grace. Too far ahead, the way forward dissolves into a haze and all that remains is the continuous present echoing into eternity. Nowhere is this more true than in Africa, the land of Shri Saraswati.

So we began our second tour of Ghana. Leaving  London Gatwick at lunchtime, we fully expected to be in Accra  the Ghanaian capital later that same evening, after a brief stopover in Tripoli in Libya. This is not what at all what happened!

As Obi, Tim and Manitu boarded the plane in London little did we know that it would be two days before we would land in Accra! A cosmic struggle was being played out and unseen forces were battling with each other towards an inevitable outcome that would take two days to resolve. For days if not months we had felt the effects of some force that does not want Sahaj Yoga to be established in its pure form in Ghana or throughout Africa. For the time being this force was highly active.

The first indication that things were taking a different turn was a massive sandstorm blowing northwards from the Sahara desert that caused a complete lock-down of Libyan airspace and meant that we could not land in Tripoli. I remembered an ancient story, the legend of Samarkand, when the city of learning and enlightenment was attacked by a powerful genie in the form of a sandstorm. Or was it the deities trying to clear away all the negativity of Libya, a country where Sahaja Yoga has yet to be established? Or perhaps the deities were trying to confuse that negative force through natural acts of God?

Either way, the plane diverted to Malta and we spent about five hours meditating and enjoying the vibrations of the island that is said to be another aspect of the heart. It’s patron saint is also St.George and so protected by Shri Bhairava. A number of programmes have been held there recently, so the vibrations were actually very strong as we sat in the transit lounge and waited for the storm to blow itself out.

Another coincidence was the fact that as part of the mantra book transliteration for Greek and Arabic, we had used a special kind of ‘h’ symbol which I realised for the first time was actually coming from the Maltese language.

Meanwhile in Cabella, yogis were gathering for Sahasrara puja and we put our attention on Shri Mataji in Genoa. At around 9pm Brian Wells and Alan Pereira were meeting with Shri Mataji and presented Her with a flag of the UK, a card for the London centre and a photo album of the first Ghana tour last October. Shri Mataji spent a lot of time looking over the photographs and was very happy. After some time the album was left at Her feet so that vibrations would flow into Ghana and Africa.

At around the same time, Patryk who had been with us on the first tour sent us an encouraging text saying, ‘don’t  worry the light will win!’ Almost immediately, we were given the all-clear, and after five hours of waiting, the group of Afriqiyah planes that had gathered in the sanctuary of Malta were allowed to continue their journey to Tripoli. A massive cry of joy went through the transit area and the whole atmosphere began to bubble with excitement. Most of the people were African and they were very keen to get home.

Finally arriving in Tripoli, the plane veered violently as we landed in a strong cross-wind. Sand was everywhere, even inside the airport walkways! Clearly some major natural event had taken place. One of the airline stewards commented that it was a very rare occurrence and he had never seen such a thing before. Time had ploughed on. It was now well after 11pm by the time we had been herded through the transit area. Everyone seemed to disperse to their various planes until the only remaining group was us, a herd of 35 people intent on heading to Ghana.  ‘The connecting flight has already gone,’  said a rather pompous airport official. You can imagine what was said in response. The whole group, mostly comprising  excitable Africans had been given  little more than a sandwich and a bottle of drink since lunchtime. The herd was not happy.  It was now approaching midnight and we could do little more than witness, as arguments raged for about an hour as they refused to accept the airline’s solution: to stay in a hotel until the next scheduled flight to Accra. Which sounds fine at first; until you realise that the next flight wasn’t until Sunday night!

Suddenly it dawned on us that we would not be in Ghana for Sahasrara puja.

Vibrationally, the airport was pretty awful. Every part of my hands was burning; and as we sat in the Big Brother shadow of one of the many paintings of Colonel Gadaffi, one rudra in particular on the very left of the upper forehead, was in acute pain.  Luckily my hand luggage was a harp, so I started strumming and with our attention on Shri Mataji in Genova, we sang some mantras. By the time we sang the three Maha-mantras the vibrations had completely changed and we actually started to feel a strong flow again. We felt completely enveloped and protected by the Kundalini.

Jai Shri Mataji!!

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