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“…I urge you all, especially the National Sahaja Yoga Leaders and Coordinators throughout the world, to do your best to spread the loving and caring message of Sahaja Yoga not only in your own respective countries but, most importantly, in the neighbouring countries by sending out small team of Sahaja Yogis to convey the pure, caring and loving message of Sahaja Yoga.”


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The Ghana Self-realisation Tour 2010 is dedicated to the life, work and vision of Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder and inspiration behind  Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

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Welcome to the official blog of the Ghana Self-realisation Tour 2010.

GHANA TOUR 7-25 MAY 2010
Fri 7 Depart LGW 12.30, stopover in Tripoli, Arrive in Accra 21.35
Sat 8 Arrangements/phone calling + Havan
Accra regular weekly programme
Sun 9 Ghana National Sahasrara puja in Accra
Mon 10 Community programme in Winneba/Sankor
Tues 11 Travel to Takoradi
Programme in Takoradi
Weds 12 Travel to Tarkwa
Community programme in Tarkwa
Travel to Kumasi
Thurs 13 Programme in Kumasi
Fri 14 Programme in Kumasi
Sat 15 Travel to Accra
Accra regular weekly programme
Sun 16 People gather for seminar in Accra
Mon 17 Ghana National Seminar programme begins
Tues 18
Weds 19
Thurs 20 Havan
Fri 21 Puja
Seminar programme ends
Sat 22 People travel home from seminar
Accra regular weekly programme
Sun 23 Available time
Mon 24 Available time
Depart Accra 23.05
Tues 25 Stopover in Tripoli, arrive LGW 11.00



  1. Dear Yogis, Congratulations!
    With great interest and supportive attitude we in Australia have watched your efforts bearing fruit in Ghana, quite amazing what can occur when a small Team of Sahaja Yogis decide to go out together in a loving caring and giving manner.

    All is by Shri Mataji’s Grace, however She needs willing, able, dedicated Yogis to follow your example and assist Africa in this way.

    The opportunity is vast, the rewards are for the rest of your life when we do “The Work” of Self Realisation with love and care to such innocent souls as West Africans. Much Love Peter Corden

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